New Arrivals - Avengers Hoodies!

If you are Marvel fans, you can not miss our new arrivals then!

This time we add new products mainly about Avengers 3. For example Thanos, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Loki and others.

In this post we will introduce you 3 super heroes' hoodie, Let's start!

As we all know, Captain America and Ironman are good partners in the team Avengers. They have different opinions,different attitudes and different styles for many things and people. But they can always have the same belief, that is protect people in the Earth. So why they get fight as this?

Winter Soldier Hoodie

Yeah, because of him! Winter Soldier(Bucky)! He is the closest friend of Captain America. They have attended the Second World War together. That time Captain America was still a weak and thin soldier and has been looked down on by many people, while Winter Soldier always supports him. But later Bucky has been controlled and used by "Hydra", which is a team against Avengers.

Ironman Hoodie

Ironman(Tony Stark) tried to catch Bucky because he has been considered as a dangerous guy to human beings, but most important is Bucky murdered Stark's parents which as been thought as a normal accident. As this concern, Stark confirmed to catch Bucky and revenge for his parents.

Captain America Hoodie

Captain America was in a delimma, one is his closest friend, always support him and even been "killed" because of him, the other one is a perfect partner, encourage him and give him a nice shield as weapon. He doesn't know how to do, he doesn't want to hurt anyone.

As the end of movie Captain America 3, we all see he chose Bucky, lots of fans of Ironman feel disappointed for his choice. But who knows what will happen tomorrow, in movie Avengers 3, other members of Avengers contribute to their contact. Even they didn't fight in the same space, at least they fight for the same wish.

In the end of movie Avengers 3, Bucky died because of Thanos a snap. Captain America and Ironman survived. They will let bygones be bygones, or they will still stay in "war"? I believe the upcoming movie Avengers 4 will give us answer!

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